Stay at a family-friendly hotel in the centre of Copenhagen

Are you looking for a good and family-friendly hotel in Copenhagen? At Arp-Hansen’s cosy Copenhagen Strand, you can stay centrally at a family-friendly hotel with a good atmosphere and all the facilities you need.

Enjoy your holiday at Copenhagen Strand Hotel

Copenhagen Strand is located in the heart of Copenhagen, overlooking Copenhagen Harbour and just a stone’s throw from charming Nyhavn. The hotel is located in quiet surroundings, but still in the heart of Copenhagen, making it perfect for families with children who want a quiet location but still want to be close to the city’s sights.

The hotel is housed in one of the harbour front’s original warehouse buildings, which dates back to 1869 and has been used throughout the years for e.g. paper and box manufacturing. The old buildings have been regularly restored, and today the hotel has been carefully updated in a Nordic design inspired by water and beach themes and the Nordic light.

The hotel has a lovely breakfast restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading out into Copenhagen. 

Child-friendly experiences in Copenhagen

There are a wealth of experiences for both children and adults in Copenhagen – try taking the children to the old Tivoli amusement park or the Zoo, where you can see animals from all over the world.

You can also enjoy an insight into what it was like to be a child in the old days – go on a tour of the Arbejdermuseet (the Workers Museum), which offers free admission for children. Copenhagen also has many good theatres with great experiences for both children and adults, and the youngest children will love the Children’s Cinema at Cinemateket, which shows wonderful films for children aged 3–6 years. 

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