Book direct and get a price guarantee

We match the price!

When you book your stay directly on our hotels’ or hostels’ own websites, we guarantee that you will get your stay at the best online price.*

How to get our price guarantee

  • If you find a lower price online, we will match it.
  • Have you already booked a stay at our hotels or hostels, but found a better price elsewhere online? Contact us within 24 hours with the details, and we will match the price.
  • Please note that the following must be identical for the two prices to be compared: Number of persons, arrival date, length of stay, room type, cancellation terms, and package contents.

Book direct and get more benefits

When you book directly with us, you also get:

  • Direct support from the hotel’s or hostel’s own staff
    We are physically present at the hotel or hostel and are therefore in the best position to assist you.
  • Exclusive hotel deals
    We offer deals and packages exclusively available when you book directly with us.
  • Do you have a special request for your stay? We will do our best to accommodate it
    Whether you need an allergy-friendly room, prefer to stay on a high floor, require decorations for a special occasion, or have other similar requests, we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • An online booking without hidden fees
  • Access to the last available rooms
    When other accommodations/booking portals are fully booked, you still have the opportunity to find a room with us, perhaps one that has just become available. Our comprehensive overview of all hotel rooms allows us to offer flexibility in accommodating your needs.
  • If you book a flexible stay, you can cancel until 12 noon on the day of arrival
  • Sign up for our STAY&SAVE program
    As a member you gain access to extraordinary offers available exclusively through us.

*The following prices are not covered by the price guarantee:

  • The price must be available for everyone to find and book online, with immediate confirmation upon booking.
  • Exclusive “member rates” that are reserved for members of special programs, associations or “online coupons”.
  • Hotel rates found in any other currency than Danish Kroner.
  • “Auction type discounts” offered through other websites.
  • Prices listed on opaque websites or apps, where the specific hotel, location, or price are not known until booking is completed.
  • Arp-Hansen Hotel Group reserves the right to adjust or terminate the price guarantee at any time and without prior notice.

NB: Arp-Hansen Hotel Group does not accept liability for any fees incurred due to a cancellation of a reservation made through a website other than Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s websites.

Become a member and receive exclusive membership benefits

As a member of our STAY&SAVE Reward Program, you will gain free access to a wide range of membership benefits, including free nights at 8 of our hotels, the lowest online price on accommodations, double points when booking through our websites, discounts in our restaurants, and much more.

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